How To Taste

When we enter the world of fine chocolate things get more interesting and complex (in a good way).  Similarly to wine or coffee, chocolates acquire different flavors and characteristics depending on the region where the cacao beans are grown. Particular soil characteristics and the way beans are harvested and fermented create differences in flavors.   These differences are perceived and measured through diverse parameters.

There are many studies and flavor evaluation charts that measure in detail different parameters. You can search online for Chocolate Tasting Wheels and you will find a lot of data.  However, too much information at the beginning of the Fine Chocolate journey can be overwhelming and not a fun place to start.    Because of that, we have a simplified version of different characteristics you can perceive when enjoying a chocolate bar.  It takes a bit of practice and mindful eating, but the rewards are worthy: from compulsively eating chocolate you will jump to savoring one of the most delicious gifts from the earth.     

Allegretto Chocolates

Tasting Chart (simplified for beginners)

Tasting Chart Example